#movemakermondays with Alexzandra Peters

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Alexzandra Peters is just a beam of light both on instagram and in person. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few month ago at a women networking event. She spoke of how she manages her instagram and I just needed to learn more. She juggles a full time job as well as a personal instagram brand with 300k followers. The struggle is real, but with hard work, lots of meditation and yoga she is able to do it all and inspire others. Read what she has to share about her social media success and struggles in the interview below.


When did you start using instagram as a form of income? How did you pick brands you worked with?

I started using Instagram as a source of income, seriously, this year. About the time I hit 200k followers. I’ve always been a bit picky of who I work with-because what/who I promote is a reflection of who I am and what I believe in.

 I make sure I try the products, that they fit my brands (yoga, health and wellness, all natural, uplifting, anxiety free products ) and 100% believe in the first before promoting, so I don’t promote false information. Staying true to who you are and promoting great and well-made products is everything. I wont work with companies if I think otherwise – even after they send me products.

What is your advise for building a true and engaging instagram following?

Stay true to who you are,  be authentic, be real, be funny, be sad, talk about real life – and not just the good stuff, but the bad stuff too. People want someone to relate to, some one to talk to and make them feel like they aren’t alone – that creates engagement, following & new friends.

What is the biggest challenge you have in the instagram industry?

I think my biggest challenge is that Instagram is constantly changing- algorithms, and IG itself. Its more of a hustle now. Videos use to be 15 seconds, now they are 60. We now have stories, lives, reels of photos, and DMS. The challenge is keeping up with it all and feeling like to HAVE to keep up. Instagram is asking us to spend more time on our phones then with the people we love most- in reality (and it sickens me to admit), but I’ve become a slave to Instagram.

There are some days were I have to choose my phone over my fiancé or phone over friends because .. Instagram calls & you have to keep up or you loose followers. It’s a horrible game really, one that I wish I hadn’t started most days.

What is one thing you'd like someone to know before they try to take a similar path as you?

This lifestyle is fun and will truly bring you amazing opportunities and a way to provide for yourself financially – but its hard. Be prepared to work 40-50 hours a week (on top of your normal job if you have one, like me)  on your cell phone, camera and computer taking photos and videos, editing them, creating a heartfelt captions, answering over 100 direct messages a day, 15-40 emails a day, willing to give up time with your partner, friends, and family. Know you will receive some of the most hurtful messages from people who don’t know you but assume you are a horrible person for eating meat or wearing a certain brand. It’s not easy – but its worth it.

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Whats the hardest part of this type of career? What is the best part?

For me, it’s the uncertainty. How long will IG really be around before the next best thing comes along? And when that next best thing comes, where will that leave me and IG, and how will I provide for myself and my family?

The best part, by a long shot, is all opportunities that present themselves and connections you make! I’ve met so many amazing people, friends that will last a life time and greatest inspirations through Instagram and I will forever be grateful for that and the connections it still continues to bring. Instagram has helped me travel the world, teach at festivals, sell out on retreats, make a great income to provide for myself and my family. While this app can be very trying most days, I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without it. 

If you don’t already go give Alexzandra a follow and check out her up coming classes, workshops and retreats!

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