Chelsea Roy

If you live in Maine chances are you know who Chelsea Roy is. Most of us had the pleasure of watching her witty personality on The Bachelor and The bachelor in Paradise. Lets get this straight now, tv personality is just that, there is so much more to this beautiful being then what you see on ABC.

Read more below to learn the struggles and the success Chelsea has had as a TV personality and social media influencer all while juggling her love life and being an amazing mom to the adorable Sammy.

1. When did you know you wanted to make a difference and a career with social media?

My interest in social media stemmed for my passion for photography starting as a young girl. I love documenting my experiencing and sharing my journey with the hopes of inspiring others.  Im also naturally a witty person and grew up with the idea that I would end up in marketing as a copy writer. Fast forward a few years and social media took over the thirst to land a 9-5 job and created an opportunity to become self employed with the drive to have control over content and further more the life you wish to share with an audience. 

2. I know you've been really working hard to make this happen for a few years now. Your account has received the most exposure really in the past year. if you hadn't been on the bachelor what was your next plan to get exposure? 

If the bachelor opportunity never landed on my lap, and full disclosure I truly didn’t understand the beast that it is, I would have continued to work locally teaming up with brands and business that could use my vision. All ideas and dreams have small beginnings and I feel right as the bachelor presented itself, I was just getting started!

3. What is the biggest challenge you have in the instagram industry?

The association with the Bachelor and finding a balance between what I am passionate about sharing with my audience verse what their expectations and judgements are of me. Editing really butchered my morals and personality as it was exposed to millions and humiliated me leaving me unable to get out of bed and harsh crude messages inundated my inbox. The person TV created wasn’t the person I am. I worked so very hard to prove that point and I feel I am very far from that stigma that birthed almost 1 year ago. Turns out, it was all very fleeting. 


4. What is one thing you'd like someone to know before they try to take a similar path as you?

Be ready for the backlash of exposure. It takes thick skin to put yourself out there and not only be criticized by others but to also criticize yourself based on likes and views. Be very careful about this dance with the devil as it can be mentally exhausting and unhealthy at times. Stay focused on your end goal, vision, passion and happiness and never ever try to live someone else’s life or live for others. Being true to yourself and unique will always succeed. 

5. whats the hardest part of this type of career? What is the best part?

The hardest part is standing out amongst millions. Social media gives the entire world the opportunity to shine on similar terms and it is up to you to find ways to stand out and capture a loyal, genuine audience that appreciate *you. The best part is inspiring others. I love the simplicity of a nice “DM” from another women that looks up to all that I stand for, because believe me you are put in a very vulnerable situation exposing all that is you. 

6. Where do you see your future with social media as a career going?

I am a proud New Englander and want to see my community grow. I would love to be the Face of New England. This may sound crazy but with the small platform I have I would love to make Boston and North a destination for many. We are lucky to live where we do and I want to share it with the world. My surroundings is what gets me out of bed in the morning and I am beyond happy I am able to raise my son in Maine. With that said, my career will always involve him and have his best interest. I want my son to be able to experience what I am experiencing. I want to show him the value in life in New England and all that it has to offer. I will continue to work on finding a balance in social media that engulfs my life as a mother in New England.